Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Santa for a Day / 一日のサンタクロース

This happened a little while back, but because it was the highlight of my year, I want to share it. In late December, I got to dress up as Santa Claus and visit a day-care in Seika, and it was fantastic.


Admittedly, the day started out with me visiting kids under one year old, who upon seeing me promptly started crying. Though I felt bad about that, the teachers assured me that they cry when they see anyone new, so it’s kind of a given that a large bearded man wearing only red would freak them out a little bit. The older kids, on the other hand, were practically screaming with excitement when I (Santa) walked in the room. I sang them a few songs, answered their questions, and gave them presents that the teachers had helped prepare. I also got to pass out cards from kids in Norman, Oklahoma, Seika’s sister city. The kids were great, and it felt good to be able to make their day.


When I got to work in January, there was a pile of cards from the kids at the nursery school on my desk. Sure, they were all addressed to Santa, but I was still touched.



  1. What a sweet story! The little picture that the kids drew is really cute, too. Did you sing in English or in Japanese?

  2. Santa-san apparently can't speak Japanese, so it was all in English. Also, truth be told I feel bad for the kids having to listen to me sing