Norman, Oklahoma

Since 1985, Kyoto Prefecture and the state of Oklahoma have shared a sister-state relationship, encouraging interaction and exchange between residents of both areas. As part of this, Seika began to look for a city in Oklahoma with which to engage in a sister-city relationship. In October of 2000, Seika's mayor, members of her town congress, and representatives from the citizens International exchange group, Seika Global Network, visited the city of Norman, which culminated in signing of friendship agreement in hopes of forging a bond between the two regions.

Five years later, on the twentieth anniversery of signing of the Kyoto prefecture and Oklahoma sister-state agreement, the respecitve mayors of Seika and Norman signed a sister-city agreement, promising to promote exchange of ideas, culture, and knowledge between them.

Norman, located in Oklahoma's Cleveland County, was founded in 1889 and has grown to become Oklahoma's third largest city, with a population of over 115,000 residents. Recently named one of America's best small cities by CNN/Money Magazaine, Norman has grown into a vibrant community continuing to grow and expand in many ways. Norman is also home to the famous Oklahoma University, home to one of America's strongest sports program, a widely respected research university, and over 30,000 students.

Seika and Norman have now been working to foster mutual exchange and understanding for the past five years, and we will continue to strive forward together in the coming decade.

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