Seika Town / 精華町

Welcome to Seika Town!
Seika Town Office 精華町役場

      Located in the southernmost tip of the Kyoto prefecture, Seika Town enjoys a unique position both geographically and historically. Situated in between Nara and Kyoto, Seika served as a conduit for much of the culture and goods travelling between the two former capitols. Ruins of ancient homes, known as the ‘Hata no Mae’ ruins, prove that people have lived in the area since the Yayoi Period (around 100 A.D.) The ruins of the mansions and wells of powerful families who lived during the Nara Period (around 750 A.D.) have been excavated as well. In the western hills of Seika, there is also the site of Inayazuma Castle.Even now, Seika stands just 20 mintues away from Nara, a half hour away from Kyoto, and an hour from Osaka.
Seika Kyoto Map
      In recent years, Seika has become the home of the "Kansai Science City," a massive project aimed at supporting and encouraging the development of the arts, sciences, and culture in Japan's most historic region. With the Science city came plenty of things to see, like the Kyoto Flower Garden, the Keihanna Memorial Park, the National Diet Library, and the Keihanna Plaza, home of the world's largest sundial. Seika is also famous for being one of, if not the fastest growing cities in Japan. From a population of 23,000 in 1996, the population has exploded to over 35,000 as of this year, and is continuing to grow.
Keihanna Plaza World's Largest Sundial けいはんなプラザ世界一大きい日時計

      Seika town is still a largely agrarian community though, and remains famous for its rice, green chili peppers, and most of all its strawberries. The strawberry fields open every spring for all-you-can-eat strawberry picking, attracting visitors from all over Japan.

I hope that, if you have the chance, you'll stop over in our town for a visit.

As one of Japan's fastest growing regions, Seika has found the need to expand the services and opportunities available to it's residents. Now, numerous facilites and events help create a vibrant and active community life in Seika that everyone can enjoy.

Helpful Information for Life in Seika
Whether you are a resident or a visitor just passing through, below are a series of links that can help with daily life here in Seika.

2003 Living In Seika: Foreign Resident's Guide
The following guide book, complied in 2003, serves to introduce the facilities and services available in Seika, as well as offer instructions and advice on many aspects of daily life such as paying bills, documentation, and what to do in case of emergency. The guide is available in the town office, as well as online.

2003 Living in Seika・せいかでのせいかつ

2011 Seika Waste Collection Schedule
Waste collection in Japan can often be very complicated and confusing, so the Seika Town Office produces a yearly collection schedule in both Japanese and English. Hard copies are also available at the Town Office.

Seika Waste Collection Schedule (English)
Seika Waste Collection Schedule (Japanese

Ichigo and Hanasou
Published monthly by the Seika Town Office, Ichigo is the town's English newsletter, containing information on monthly events and news in Seika. Hanasou, the Japanese version, is also produced monthly and generally contains more in-depth information. Both are available at the Seika Town Office, town facilities, as well as online at the links below.

Learning Japanese in Seika
Learning Japanese is not only important for daily life in Japan, it can help you make friends and just have more fun in general. Seika Global Network, an international organization, offers Japanese classes to foreign residents in Seika. If you would like to know more, information is available at the Seika Town Office, or through e-mail.

Enjoying life in the Kyoto・Nara area
Though information on events in Seika is available through the town office, the following is a list of websites offering information on events and opportunities in Kyoto and Nara.

Kyoto Visitor's Guide
(Contains information on monthly events in Kyoto as well as articles on subjects relating to Kyoto life.)

Welcome to Kyoto
(Contains detalied guides to all the areas of Kyoto; includes guides to temples, beaches, cultural experiences, hot springs, and more)

Kyoto Prefecture Tourism Guide
(A great list of events and sights in Kyoto)

Nara City Sightseeing
(Some basic information on events and things to do and see in Nara)

Seika Town Website(English)Seika Town Website(Japanese)Kansai Science City (English)Kansai Science City (Japanese)

Seika Global Network (Seika's International Organization, Japanese)