Seika Global Network

  As Seika has become the center for the Kansai Science City, it's citizens have become aware of the increasing internationalization that is taking place in their city. As part of that, many citizens and organizations have started taking an active role in exchange and communication on an international scale.

  Founded over ten years ago, Seika Global Network is an international organization devoted to helping the residents of Seika interact with Internationals and foreign cultures. Seika Global Network provdies a number of valuable and fun services, such as an English course to prepare for homestay families, the chance to make traditional Japanese dances and crafts, and the opportunity to help out on a farm in northern Kyoto.

  One of the most popular services offered by Seika Global Network are the Free Japanese Language Courses. With instruction offered in both English and Japanese, these courses have helped many international residents improve their Japanese while becoming good friends with their fellow students and teachers.

  If you would like to learn more about Seika Global Network and the opportunities they offer, visit their website below.

Seika Global Network(Japanese)

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