Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What’s going on in Seika town?

For September this month, the harvest moon is bringing out the festive nature in people

37th annual Seika Town Sports Fest,
September 12th (Sun), 9:00~, Higashihikari Elementary School Grounds
All the districts of Seika-town compete against each other in a winner gets all battle for supremacy. Who will pull their enemies into the dirt in the tug of war? Will someone drop the baton at the crucial moment? It’s a huge event, with teams from all the Seika town districts competing.


Lunar Art Exhibit
September 18th(Sat) - 26th(Sun), 10:00 - 17:00 WHERE: Keihanna Memorial Park, Suikeien すいけいえん水景園 WHAT: Designed in conjunction with “A Night with the Moon,” the Lunar art exhibit showcases a deep sense of love towards the Autumn Harvest moon. Based on the common theme of “The Moon,” this exhibit displays a wide variety of art gathered from all over Japan.

A Night with the Moon
September 23rd (Thurs, holiday) 18:00 - 21:00 (In case of rain, event moved to 24th(Fri) WHERE: Keihanna Memorial Park, Suikeien すいけいえん水景園 WHAT: An event held to enjoy watching the Harvest moon in a Japanese park. The event features a live musical concert, an art show, stargazing, and traditional dango treats. Entrance is free, and it is sure to be a great time, so bring the family out for some fun!

What’s Kai doing?
Well, for this month, I’ll be heading over to help out at the Sports festival as a lifter of heavy things, my favorite job. I’ll also be in attendance at the “A Night with the Moon” event, mostly just eating the snacks they have promised.

You have any questions, let me know~

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