Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ノーマン市ニュース/ News from Norman, Oklahoma

This news comes to us courtesy of PASSPORTS, the international exchange organization in Norman, Oklahoman, Seika’s sister city. If you would like to know more about PASSPORTS, check out their link below.


Norman, Oklahoma, Seika’s sister city, recently had a visit from Consul General Osawa and Vice-General Yamasaki from the Japanese embassy in Houston, Texas. The two were visiting to learn more about the sister city relationships between Japanese and Oklahoma cities. PASSPORTS, Norman's Sister Cities and International Connections Organization, hosted a dinner party at the National Weather Center on the 20th to welcome the visiting dignitaries, with speeches by many of Norman’s most esteemed residents. After being welcomed by esteemed professor Yoshikazu Sasaki, one of the prominent meteorologists in the world and an integral member of PASSPORTS, former Mayor Harold Harrelson recounted the original founding of the sister-city relationship between Seika and Norman during his tenure as Mayor. PASSORTS’ president Marles Bradley was also on hand to give a warm welcome.

At the PASSPORTS reception. Left to right, Bill Audus, Consul General Osawa, Millie Audus, HCG Lloyd Hardin and Marles Bradley, president of PASSPORTS

During their time in Norman, Consul General Osawa and Vice-General Yamasaki were taken to the Norman offices of Hitachi, Weathernews, Astellas; all Japanese companies with branches in Norman. Additionally, Consul General Osawa and Vice-General Yamasaki also had the chance to sit in on the Moore Norman Technology Center's Pre-Engineering Class, whose students are getting ready to compete in a robotics competition. In addition to the dinner, the two also enjoyed a breakfast with Norman Mayor Cindy Rosenthal and other guests. Hopefully Mr. Osawa and Mr. Yamasaki enjoyed their time in Norman and learned more about the relationship between Norman and Seika.

Consul General Osawa and Vice-General Yamasaki next to
 the Seika Memorial Stone in Norman 


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