Tuesday, September 21, 2010

いちごくんといちごちゃん / Ichigo-kun and Ichigo-chan

I’d like to introduce Seika town’s new mascots! Based off of Seika town’s most famous product, the strawberry (Ichigo in Japanese), the two have been introduced as part of an effort to improve health and physical well being in Seika Town.
いちごちゃんといちごくん Ichigo-kun and Ichigo-chan

They have little descriptions too~
「Ichigo-chan (left)
★Home: Seika Strawberry Park, Greenhouse 15
★Age: 10
★Specialty: Music
“She’s brimming with curiosity and makes friends with everybody!”」

「Ichigo-kun (right)
★Home: Seika Strawberry Park, Greenhouse 15
★Age: 12
★Specialty: All kinds of sports
“He’s really good at all kind of sports, so he’s really popular in class. He also loves to do the Ichigo exercises!” 」

★生まれ 精華町のいちご園の15号ハウス
★年齢  10歳
★特技  音楽

★生まれ 精華町のいちご園の15号ハウス
★年齢  12歳
★特技  スポーツ全般

Along with these two, the aforementioned “Ichigo exercises” have been introduced to get kids moving around and having fun while being healthy. The two characters made their first appearance at the 37th Seika townspeople athletic festival this past weekend, and I think it’s pretty clear that the kids love them. The kids liked hitting them too, but hopefully that will pass.

On a side note, it’s really hard to translate some Japanese suffixes into English. “~San” means “Mr.” or “Mrs.”, but “chan” and “kun”? Rather than try and englishcize Ichigo-chan, it stays that way, rather than becoming ichigoette or something like that.

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