Friday, November 25, 2011

Seika Festival 2011 / せいか祭り2011年

 As November comes around, it’s time again for the Seika Festival! With over 35,000 visitors last year, the festival is far and away the biggest event of the year, and despite a bit of rain and clouds, it went off without a hitch this year!

Like last year, I was posted at the Seika global Network booth, where we held a small international photo contest, using photos from out sister city, Norman, Oklahoma. We had the kids and their parents pick their favorite picture and then handed out balloons. We also had information about Seika Global Network and Norman up, and a lot of people seemed really interested to learn more about our sister city!


Wandering around the festival during lunch, I saw different stalls selling all kinds of fresh fruit, toys, takoyaki, and all kinds of other things. There were hands-on activities too, set up by different groups and organizations in Seika. At one for instance where you had to try to power a TV with a bicycle. There was even a giant inflated Mario which kids could bounce around inside of.


Inside the Suikeien were different dance performances, covering every genre from hip-hop to cheer squad. Additionally, all kinds of different bands performed at the Music Street concert, though my favorite was probably a group that looked like regular salary men, but rocked like Spinal Tap.


 The whole festival was a lot of fun this year too, and it seems like many kids and adults were interested in our sister-city. Here’s hoping everyone who came out had a great time and that next year is just as fun!


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