Friday, March 25, 2011

Kyoto Antique Fair / 京都大骨董市

  Kyoto is a place with history out the wazoo, so it makes sense that antique sales held in Kyoto tend to be pretty awesome. And so, a while back I stopped by the Kyoto Antique Fair, a huge gathering of antique vendors from the Kyoto area. Though I still prefer flea markets for value, there is no arguing that in terms of quality, this was one of the most impressive sales I've ever been to.

  While most antique markets in Kyoto are held outside, this event was held in a huge hall, and there was barely enough room to move at some points it was so packed. From coins to kimonos to swords and spears, and a surprising amount of Elvis paraphernalia, there was pretty much everything under the sun.

  With 300 stalls all packed indoors, it was a little overwhelming, made more so by the realization that this is held three times a year. Looking at some of the stuff, you have to wonder how people went about gathering all of these things . Especially seeing extremely retro American goods, you have to wonder what kind of journey the goods took.

  Despite not being able to afford most of the stuff, I did add to my Daruma collection, so I consider the day a rousing success. The next antique fair is planned for mid -June, so anyone who wants to should definitely check it out.

You can find out more info by checking the link below

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